What Most People Don’t Know About African Spirituality

As far back as I can remember I’ve had an interest in the spiritual, mystical and philosophical realm of life. In some ways, I had no choice. My life contains a number of experiences that led me toward this path, from near death experiences such as being kidnapped and almost sacrificed to (alleged) gods as a child, to accidentally consuming life-threatening, psychedelic herbs as a toddler (and perhaps less accidentally as a teenager, ?). Anyway, the defining moment in my spiritual journey happened circa twenty years ago, when an automatic writing experience set me off on a path of exploring the unknown.

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Stop Selling Women Bullshit Dressed As Empowerment

We are in this vicious cycle where we are told to get empowered, so we do. We are told to work on our boundaries, so we do. We are told we need to learn self-care, so we do. We are told to stand in our power, so we do. We become masters at all these things, and more, and emerge from our schooling all bright eyed and bushy tailed only to have the wind knocked out of us because we changed but that's about it.

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