Our Story


Why We Exist.

This brand is about debiasing our culture of all the negative beliefs it holds about black women.

It’s about countering the way black women been portrayed across our culture and across time as mean, as strong, as abrasive, as immoral, as irresponsible, as controlling --

In other words, as every negative thing in our culture that a woman should NOT be…

This movement is about countering those beliefs and that overwhelmingly dehumanizing narrative with THE TRUTH.

That Black Women are Love.

Imagine what it would mean to see a group of black men wearing a shirt that says “Black Women are Love.”

Imagine how it would feel to see it on grinning, joyous schoolkids.

Imagine seeing it on teenage girls.

Imagine seeing it on their teachers.

Imagine seeing it everywhere.

Imagine what would happen in our culture if this became what we believed about black women…
That’s what this t-shirt is about.
Let’s love on each other and ourselves and tell the truth about black women.

Black Women Are Love.


Meet The Founder

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Hi I’m Toi Smith..

I founded Black Women Are Love to counter the “Strong Black Woman” narrative that’s been so damaging in my own life.

I own several businesses and I’m a single mom with four wonderful sons.

In other words: I am expected to Do It All.

Our white supremacist culture has drilled it into us that we have to be superhuman just to be worthy.

And deprogramming myself of those imperatives has been HARD.

And worth it.

I know that I’m not superhuman. I know that I’m not hard or tough -- I’m resilient. I feel pain and grief and I do not need to stoically endure it. I’m angry when I need to be (which, given the times we live in, is A LOT).

And always, always, always -- and in all ways -- I am love.

‘I am love’ and ‘black women are love’ are affirmations that I repeat to myself to wrap myself in radical self love and abundant self care -- despite existing in a hostile, dehumanizing world.

It’s how I keep myself powerful and how I keep myself soft with myself.

And that’s the space I want to create in the world.

Black women Are Love is about affirming Blackness and Black Women.

It’s about paying homage to the joy it is to be a Black woman, to love a Black woman, to be in company of a Black woman.

I love Black women. Always. All ways.

Black Women Are Love. Now let’s tell the world.