Why Not “Women Are Love?”

Because Black Women Are Love is about supporting Black women. That’s it. That’s all. If you don’t understand that, that’s okay - this just isn’t for you.

Can Black Men Wear This Merchandise?

Yes and yes. Check out our Instagram page to see the support we’ve gotten from me. Having black men support this movement is necessary.

Can White People Support This Movement?

Short answer: Yes and No.
Long answer: We can’t stop anyone from purchasing our merchandise. But we must ask that you check in with yourself and your true relationship with black women. Do you have a relationship with black women? Like truly. Not online. Not in your head. But a true relationship where you’ve consistently broken bread with a black woman.

A relationship is necessary to really honor the message of our brand and to be in integrity with yourself and with black women.

Our suggestion is that you gift merchandise to the black women in your world.

Can Black Trans Women Support This Movement?

Of course. We believe trans women are women and it isn’t up for debate. At all.